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>> i will not have another debate with this congress over whether or not they should pay the bills they have already racked up. >> the u.s. agrees to a budget deal but more tough bargaining plays ahead. -- lays ahead. >> this is "al jazeera." frustration mounts and the african republic. police throw teargas at the capitol. and ivory coast investigation. a deadly stampede. plus -- >> what is the game that has 70
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palestinians confused? -- so many palestinians confused? after months of negotiations, u.s. politicians have finally made a deal to avert the so- called fiscal cliff. the agreement passed the house of representatives. here are some of the main points of the deal -- taxing will not be increased for those earning less than $400,000. benefits for unemployed will be extended for another year. the plan to cut 900 billion has been delayed at least until march. >> the moment the house voted in favor of the bill to keep the u.s. from going over the fiscal cliff permanently. >> the motion is adopted. the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table.
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>> the measure passing 257 in favor to 257 against. joe biden was on the hill urging them to pass the deal. >> we created this. we're the ones that have said, at least the congress has said that do what you have to do, but do not ask the top 2 percent of the wealthiest people in this civilized country to pay their fair share. >> republicans are not having either -- not happy either. this nearly brought the whole deal down. >> tax relief has been achieved. now is the time for the president to work with congress to address government overspending, the underlying problem. take of this -- >> republican
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leaders in the house were at odds with each other for most of the day, but they tried to show unity for the cameras. >> the house speaker and majority leader went into a meeting so close that the shoulders were touching. within minutes of the vote in the house, president obama was at the white house making it clear he is not prepared to have any more fights with congress about money already spent. >> while i will negotiate over many things, i will not have another debate with congress over whether or not they should pay the bills they have already racked up through the laws that the past. >> he is referring to the hard bargaining set to begin within weeks when congress must look at raising the debt ceiling or risk the country defaulting on its loans. >> hearing now from the economist micki price, a former adviser to the british government. -- vicky price.
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>> what would happen in the next couple of months is there will be a lot of discussions and bargaining going on. first of all, the fiscal cliff and whether that can be avoided completely in a couple of months because maybe they will be able to raise the debt ceiling slightly. i think that is very important to happen. the second thing will be what happens on spending? there's quite a bit of spending already in the pipeline. the question is the u.s. has a lot of debt that is structural. there has to be long-term changes in terms of the way benefits have been paid and other issues in some of the long-term spending that has been taking place, which will need to be tackled in such a way that will need to be permanently lower. if the problem gets tackled, then they will come back to continue the crisis over the next year. and >> in the central african
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republic, security forces have used tear pressed to -- teargas to dispel protesters. there has been no agreement so far. >> the rebels positioned outside the city with pigeons running high. these security forces have exploited the instability deterred of muslims. >> we want peace, but here the only arrest muslims. more than 400 people have been arrested. we did not accept this. >> the security forces say they are holding those only they believe agree with supporters. they dispersed the crowd with teargas. >> we are trying to come to understand it with you, but you
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have to respect the rules in negotiations. -- and negotiations. the leaders are split over whether to accept an offer of new talks and possibility of power-sharing. >> the solution to our country is through words. that is we open our mouths to talk to each other. if we turn our backs on each other, the country will continue its decline >. >> the fear a decline fuelling frustration among many in the city. >> are very, very disappointed. we want peace. -- we are very, very disappointed. we want peace. that is all we are asking for. >> what is the goal of the rebellions? central africans have made the demands.
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now they must go to negotiations. and the armed forces cannot give a solution to the central office can republic. >> hundreds of soldiers are now in central african republic. as each day brings increasing civil unrest, the mission to stabilize the country is a wing -- is only growing more difficult. >> the ivory coast president has visited survivors of a stampede that killed dozens of people added years eve celebration. the government will pay the medical bills of those injured. an investigation under way to find out what caused the crash. >> yours -- new yorkers eve stadium was packed with people. -- new years eve, the stadium was packed with people. in the stampede many people were stepped on and died as a result of suffocation.
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>> we were waiting for the people at the front to move forward, but because my wife is six months pregnant, we respect. >> this happened while thousands of people were tried to leave the stadium. they also expect the death toll to rise. the president visits the injured at the hospital. he says an investigation is underway to determine what actually happened. >> i send my condolences to all the families of the victims. this is a national tragedy and we are in mourning. >> in 2009 by people were killed at the same stadium. ivory coast wants a stable economic recovery in that south africa. the fireworks event had been
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organized to celebrate. >> a similar incident in angola led to the deaths of 13 people. they were crushed to death while trying to enter an overcrowded stadium in the capital. this happens individual organized by a local church. in syria, activists under heavy fighting have closed the airport. they have accused rebels of targeting civilian aircraft, which opposition forces say are being used to smuggle military equipment. we cannot independently verify this video. activists say government forces are bombing rebel positions there. in the capital of damascus, reports of government shutting.
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the pakistan -- and pakistan, where did 300 people died from measles in 2012. that is five times as many as in 2011. most of the deaths occurred in a province where the disease killed 210 children. 100 of those deaths in the past month alone. we report from one of the worst affected areas. >> we are in a village that constitutes about 400 houses. there are lots of children here. there are at least 250 cases reported. it is absolutely abject poverty. we of just spoken to a mother of three the was told all of her
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children have measles, but she cannot afford to provide for them. she cannot take them to the doctor. there are elite -- at least seven deaths reported in this village. the people we spoke to said the children have been ill for 10-12 days and have not been treated, some of them have died. we spoke to one mother who told us about how her son died. >> my four-year-old child died from the disease. he was sick for 12 days. he could not open his eyes, and there was fluid coming out of them. we tried everything, but he stopped eating. then we saw the measles on his body. we even went to a specialist, but he died in the hospital. >> the majority of the children have the symptoms of measles. in there is some discrepancy about the number of children who
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of died in the recent outbreak, but the world health organization of the government agree it has been more than 100 children who have died. >> the weather forecasts next. when we come back, asia is set to surpass the u.s. when it comes to casino gambling in 2013. we will tell you why it is seeing such a spike. the simple measures helping people to preserve precious water supplies. >> a final warning has been issued for the tropical storm. this is the center of the circulation. it is starting to fall apart, but still plenty of heavy rain to come over the next couple of days. new year's day we saw 300
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millimeters of rain. over the next day or two we could see a similar amount coming down. the system still producing very heavy rain falling. the winds have started to peter out quite quickly. friday this will push a little further south with showers rolling in behind. a few showers affecting northern and southern parts of new zealand, but not looking too bad over the next couple of days. ed a few showers and australia. it's still very hot. and that he will transfer down towards southeast florida. cooler than has been recently. temperatures of around 24 degrees celsius. pleasant connecting you to the .
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>> there are politicians and the u.s. that have approved the fiscal cliff and delays spending cuts, but only for two months. security forces have used tear gas to disperse protesters in the central african republic. demonstrations growing as rebels edge closer to the city. the government has offered to share power with some of them appeared in syria, reports of heavy shelling in the suburbs. these pictures are meant to show areas of the city following
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mortar attacks by syrian forces on tuesday. hundreds of women in new delhi have taken to the streets demanding stricter anti-rape laws. the prime minister is leading the protest. the recent gang rape and death of a woman began a nationwide debate of the status of women in india. they have the highest number of sex crimes among india's major cities. >> people do not know how to treat each other. parents tell their daughters to be bold, it did in educated, get a job in see the world. they did not tell their sons how to behave with women, even their own sisters. >> a group of women has vandalized a bar for serving an alcoholic drink called the rapist. the safety of women is also an issue in nepal where there have
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been days of protests calling for greater protection. >> a few hundred people have gathered outside the prime minister's residence. they have been here for five days, demanding an end to sexual violence. in every case the protesters say, the government has failed to act or even protected the guilty. a 19-year-old migrant worker was robbed, then raped by a policeman. >> he said if anyone finds out, then he will scramble me and kill me. he said if he finds out i have talked to anyone, then he would put me in jail. when i tried to scream, he covered by mouth. after a while, i became unconscious. >> the initial response from the government was to give her
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compensation, even though she was robbed of more than 2500. the protestors are now demanding justice. >> results of rape and by the twos to be buried in newspapers. -- and violence are buried in newspapers. >> officials have to investigate whether there are allegations of such violence. women have to come forward with the information. [inaudible] >> politicians have been forced to acknowledge the problem, protesters do not trust the
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vague promises. they say they will stay here until justice is done. they hope to use the anchor to ensure rapists are punished. -- anger to be sure rapists are punished. >> he says he is making concessions by offering to release more than 700 female prisoners. he says his patience is running thin. >> hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting for almost two weeks. they say the government discriminates against them. now the prime minister is threatening to remove them by force. >> i want everyone against turning a blind eye and taking it further by shakes, scholars, dignitaries. do not tell me it is a national issue, because it is clear it is a rotten one.
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it has wrought and slogans and accompanied by rotten practices. i am not concerned, because it is only hot air. it will come to an end. we tell them to stop by being forced to stop by the government. enough is enough,. >> critics of the prime minister say he is steering iraq in the wrong direction. with zunis and muslims are ready against him, the prime minister faces allies turning against him. -- sunis and muslims are ready against him. the politician should work for the people, not our own interests. the people have to call for their rights. i said earlier the arab spring is coming. >> the new year has started the
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same with the last one did, with the political crisis with the secretary and flavor. that is often a recipe for war. >> venezuelas vice president is calling on supporters to stop rumors about the president's health. he said he had seen him twice in recent days. he said the president is fully aware of just how complex his condition is. he has not been seen publicly since the latest cancer surgery he underwent three weeks ago. >> i was able to see him two times and have a conversation with him. he is conscious after the operation. he specifically ask to always keep the people informed. informed with the true spirit of >.
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>> macao is reporting record gambling levels. more than $3.5 billion changed hands during the month. revenue for 2012 hit a record $38 billion, that is up 13.5% on 2011. financial analysts' from the asia-pacific market says without chinese customers, the profits would draw -- dropped dramatically. >> it is mainly a chinese-driven market. over two-thirds are mainland chinese. it is really a chinese-driven market. it is against the backdrop -- background of the slowdown in china. other than me when tourists arriving, it is one of the major
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drivers of market for roughly around a third of the market. the the the main drivers of the market. a major slowdown or collapse in terms of the chinese economy. we've been seeing signs of macro chinese economic recovery, which could stimulate a boost to begin the new growth over the next couple of months. >> things may be booming, but in the rest of the year it is said to be pretty challenging period of property bubble causing concerns. the latest looking at the biggest issues of 2013. >> it is the big, economic year for the coming year that no amount of seasonal dressing up can hide. a slowing economy and huge oversupply of new buildings pointing to a possible bubble that is ready to burst.
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this new development in china's northeast has been touted as the country's manhattan nearly bit the skyscrapers under construction. signs here point to an economy that is running out of steam. >> this building and many others have stopped work because they have run out of money. >> many workers have not been paid because the construction site has shut down. it is a common problem. >> creating prosperity of all costs. this principle for the chinese leadership. the fact that it has managed to achieve it so far has created the expectation that always will. when power is conferred at the new policy in the spring, all eyes will be on how they managed the economy upon which the aspirations of millions depend. in the town, property agents
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descend on by years, many from your by beijing driven away from the capital by record prices. >> i bought my first condominium in 2005. in my location is five times more. projects like the new oriental hawaii still within reach of families the filling that " -- their urban homeowning dream. >> the market will keep growing, but not very fast. to get the need to keep moving the economy moving forward to create wealth, while at the same time raining back to keep parts of it from overheating. 2013 will be all about balance. >> billions of people in the horn of africa do not have been a food to eat. largely because of chronic drought that some blame on climate change.
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people are finding innovative ways of dealing with the problem. >> another day of food distribution in eastern kenya. this is the monthly food for work program. people get grain and cooking oil. more than 500,000 people are in need of food assistance. it is not always like this. 20 years ago the rains were more consistent. >> then we knew exactly where there were short range and long rates. now we are lucky to get the short reigns. >> just as he pulled his family out of food insecurity, this is used to completely run dry. this brought to his doorstep completely changed all that. it is a conservation idea that
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has become a lifeline to thousands. >> during the rainy season this concrete blocks stand from being washed away. -- blocks sand from being washed away. >> of majority of the people do not live close to rivers and streams. there are other measures in place to ensure security. >> adaptation of the process would not have an end point. communities are already suffering. that it would be too late to overcome most of the challenges of the changing climate. >> there is still a lot more to
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be dead. people are adapting to new farming practices to survive the changing climate. >> a subject that is close to my heart, being a welchman. sports like basketball and football have become truly global. other games can get somewhat lost in translations. not everyone gets it. not everyone gets it.
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